Meet A Real Ecologist


Ecologists are scientists who study the natural environment. They study how living things, like plants and animals, live together. They also study, how living things interact with non-living things, like soil and water.

Dr Deb Bower


Did you know some lizards can squirt blood out of their eyes and drink through their feet? I’m Deb and I became an ecologist so I could study the super cool behaviour of animals all over the world! I have lots of fun because I get to travel to wild places like rainforests and remote islands and secret hidden caves. Humans are changing the world around us in lots of ways and my job is to find out how to help animals survive so that they are there for everyone in the future.


Dr Eric Nordberg


When I was a kid, I spent most of my afternoons looking in my backyard and in local parks for wildlife, just like you! Reptiles are my favorite, and I became an ecologist to learn as much as I can about the secret lives of snakes and lizards. I study where reptiles live, how far they move, what they eat, and try to understand how we can help improve their habitats. I enjoy teaching about wildlife ecology and getting people interested to go outside to see all the cool critters - you might be surprised how many animals live near you!


Dr Heather Neilly


I am an ecologist who studies birds, reptiles and mammals and how they use different habitats. I help animals and plants recover in areas that have been damaged from either: too much sheep or cattle grazing, where too many trees have been cut down, or where there are lots of weeds or pest animals. This is known as ecological restoration. I am also interested in how native animals use environments where there are lots of people, for example the cities and suburbs where most of us live. Being an ecologist means I have been able to work all over Australia from the deserts in the outback to the north Australian tropics.