What’s In Your Backyard


If you’re serious about identifying which species are in your area, you’ll need some help!


There are lots of great websites, apps and books. Here are some to get you started:



Backyard Buddies

A complete guide to the birds, frogs, mammals, reptiles and bugs in your backyard. There are factsheets and DIY projects to create wildlife habitat. Build your very own bee hotel, frog pond or nest box.


Frogs of Australia

The definitive guide to the frogs of Australia: descriptions, images, calls.


Birds in Backyards

Information about birds that live where people live. Complete with bird finder and tips for creating bird-friendly backyards.


Australian Online Reptile Database

A searchable database of all Australian reptile species


Australian Museum

Information about all types of Australian animals.


What bug is that?

A guide to Australian insect families.


Phone and Tablet Apps





WildlifeID Australia

iOS  |  Android


Field guide to Queensland Fauna

iOS  |  Android


Gaia Guide

iOS  |  Android





Frogs of Australia



FrogID Project

iOS  |  Android


Snakes of Australia



Australian Reptiles and Frogs

iOS  |  Android





Australian Birds Guide

iOS  |  Android


Morcombe’s Birds of Australia

iOS  |  Android





Australian Mammals

iOS  |  Android






iOS  |  Android

Field Guides and Books


available at most local bookstores or online



Field Guide to the Birds of Australia

Simpson and Day


The Field Guide to the Birds of Australia 

Pizzey and Knight


A Field Guide to the Reptiles of Queensland 



Reptiles and Amphibians of Australia 



A Field Guide to the Frogs of Queensland 



A Field Guide to the Mammals of Australia 

Menkhorst and Knight


A Field Guide to the Spiders of Australia 

Whyte and Anderson


A Field Guide to Insects in Australia 

Zborowski and Storey


Wildlife of the Townsville Region 

From the Discovering Urban Wildlife Workshop

Download PDF

Who’s making that noise?

Written by Heather Neilly, illustrated by Anil Tortop

A picture book about urban wildlife for 4-7 year olds, featured in the ‘Discovering Urban Wildlife’ workshops.

Download colouring pages here:

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